Eivisxp - Epicpigwarrior - Hymir

We create maps for you to play in Minecraft. We are currently offering four maps, two city maps and two apocalyptic maps.

There is currently a new apocalyptic map in progress!


Eivisxp does most of the work, but the remaining bunch of friends contribute from time to time as well.

Our team consist of:


Eivisxp - Creator/Main Builder - Created all maps

Epigpigwarrior - Marketing/Builder - Contributed in Survive Brode

Hymir - Consultant/Builder - Contributed in Survive Brode

Shoutout to Nesseley - Contributed in Survive Brode

You are able to download the different maps under "maps", and they are also available for download at MinecraftMaps


However, please contact us if you find one of our maps published in other websites. Users are not allowed to upload maps in any other site, as we want them to only be available on our own website and Minecraftmaps (Linked above). We allow players to use maps/part of maps in their own way, as long as they state the work as ours and links back to one of the two mentioned pages.




We work hard to offer you great maps to play in Minecraft. Therefore, all donations are more than welcome!



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