Eivisxp - Epicpigwarrior - Hymir

Frequently asked questions


Q:Do you need mods to play your maps?

A:No, all our maps work fine in vanilla! Please note that Survive

Brode requires a resource pack included in the download file!


Q: Where can I find the resource pack, and how do I use it?

A: The resource pack should be included in the download. It's called Signs for Brode. Drag the resource pack into ".minecraft" ---> "Resourcepacks". You can now choose it from the game menu!

Q:I spawned and didn't manage to find the build!

A: This have occured a couple of times. Redownload the map.


Q: What gamemode should I play in?

A: All four maps should be played in different gamemodes. Survive Brode is a pure survival map, The Brode Scourge is an adventure map and you are actually free to choose in Desert City and Port Vance!