Eivisxp' Minecraft Maps

Frequently asked questions


Q:Do you need mods to play your maps?

A:No, all our maps work fine in vanilla! Please note that Survive

Brode requires a resource pack included in the download file!


Q: Where can I find the resource pack, and how do I use it?

A: The resource pack should be included in the download. It's called Signs for Brode. Drag the resource pack into ".minecraft" ---> "Resourcepacks". You can now choose it from the game menu!

Q:I spawned and didn't manage to find the build!

A: This have occurred a couple of times. Redownload the map.


Q: What game mode should I play in?

A: All maps can be played in different game modes. Survive Brode and Survive Oldvale are pure survival maps, The Brode Scourge is an adventure map and you are actually free to choose in Desert City and Port Vance!