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Terms of use

You are not allowed to claim our maps to be your own.


You are not allowed to publish our maps in other websites.


You are allowed to redistribute the map for servers, etc. as long as you ask us first and links back to our page or MinecraftMaps.


To sum up: Don't be a copycat. Please.


Desert City is Eivis' first map,

and was "The Beginning"

of making maps for other

players. The construction of

the map began in March 2014,

and were released for the first

time in May 2015.


The Brode Scourge is a

post-apocalyptic zombie map.

This is Eivis' first apocalyptic

map, and is set in Superflat.

The town itself is pretty small,

with residential areas and

farmlands surrounding it.

You might call it a test map

to see if people enjoyed

the concept in general!


Survive Brode is the sequel

to The Brode Scourge. The

map is now in default, there

is a way bigger city and a way

bigger area. This is primarily

the map we are working with

at the moment. This map

works best with the custom

resource pack (In the down-

load file).



Port Vance is the remastered

and improved version of Desert

City. It's bigger and better, and

feels more like a real city in







Oldvale is the newest map,

and can be explored as a

"normal" city, or after the










Do Not Redistribute Without Clearance