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Port Vance - Remastering Desert City

Over two years have passed since I created the first building in Desert City. A lot of things have changed since then - the game itself, my skillset and my computer, all of them to the better. This made me able to recreate some of the builds from my first map, only improved!


As the name indicates, Port Vance is located along the ocean, and creates several opportunities for coastal traffic! The city offers a cruise port and a cargo port with ships in both ports. There is an airport as well. Furthermore, the suburban area offers 16 uniqe residental houses! Sadly, the apocalyptic version of Port Vance will remain in my head. The amount of work required is too much at the time, and I will focus more on the new map (Survive Oldvale).


The next update (v1.1 - Rich & Poor) is currently under creation. (Delayed due to the new map...)


Release! The first version is now ready for download!

Download Link: http://adf.ly/1muz5o