Eivisxp' Minecraft Maps

Survive Oldvale/Oldvale

Survive Oldvale/Oldvale is my newest map. This is an apocalyptic map set in an environment inspired by American small towns and rural areas. I am also releasing the map before the apocalypse strikes, just "Oldvale"!


Download link v1: http://rapidtory.com/7bUE

Download link v2: http://zipansion.com/rhZG


You may find some odd lightning solutions in Oldvale as I created most of the buildings without lightning. (This is not the problem in the newer add-ons.) Other than that, the map is a normal small town with the necessary facilities. I have also added some new features as an oil refinery and a container port in version 2. I hope you enjoy the map!


The apocalyptic version of Oldvale!:


Download link v.1: http://dashsphere.com/CJJK


The second version is now out!


Download link v.2: http://zipansion.com/1uKQ1